Re: Bears @ Dawgs 1/11/18 game thread

Postby D-Trains on Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:36 pm

HomeDinger wrote:Even if the Huskies only get into March Madness as a low seed, it will be fun to watch them. It really does look like they'll make it. It would be nice to get an upset or two to pretty up the qualifications along the way, but in terms of wins and schedule they are fine right now. An 8 seed once won the tournament, and you have to believe eventually a 16 seed will do it, though it seems near impossible. It's what makes the tournament exciting-- every fan thinks they have a shot because, although it might not be probable, it's possible

A 16 seed first has to win a game before they win the whole thing. they are currently 0-132.

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