How to fix slow performance of Dell computer?

Postby Dell customer service on Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:34 pm

Whenever your Dell computer is performing slowly, you can try these troubleshooting steps:
 Make sure you restart your PC regularly.
 You can also run a hardware diagnostics test on your computer to know what is causing it and how you can fix it.
 You can also use the Dell Support Assist to optimize your PC.
 And lastly, limit the startup programs in your PC.
By performing these steps you can prevent the slow performance of your Dell PC. If you have any technical problems you can call Dell tech support.

Visit here: Dell customer care number
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Re: How to fix slow performance of Dell computer?

Postby CarlSmith on Mon Jan 07, 2019 4:37 am

Clear out your old download files, internet cache/history. Open task manager and see which programs are using large amounts of RAM. Consider getting an SSD.
Run a Virus scan, malware scan, and Malwarebytes Anti Rootkit Beta (Free). It's good at finding rootkits but doesn't always clean them. I would get an SSD and do a clean install if that's the issue. Get BIOS, and driver updates from Dell Support, maybe something out of date.
You could run it at and see how it compared to other M4600 computers, and see what needs improvement.
Be aware that a few of those probably have external PSU, and GPU setups that won't apply to your GF situation.
The 2000M GPU looks like s good upgrade.
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