Interesting read on what is going on in Pullman.

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I didn't realize things were so bleak over there. The problem as I see it is that most of their alumni live hundreds of miles away and the department has to overspend for everything to get any recruits to want to go play in Pullman. I kind of feel like they would be better off dropping to the mountain west rather than trying to compete with the big boys. i wonder if the NCAA would ever get to the point where they start to legislate spending limits on athletic programs in an effort to even the playing field.
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Re: Interesting read on what is going on in Pullman.

Postby ddraig on Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:06 pm

If that happens, the Pac-12 would have to shop around for a replacement. Getting Utah and Colorado was no easy feat. And it would probably be easier to shop around for five other Universities to join the Pac-12 to make the total 16. How many research Universities are there in Texas? Texas? A&M (not possible unless they leave the SEC)? Tech? Rice? Maybe OK and OK State would like a new location?

Toss WSU and go with OK, OK State, Texas, Tech, and Rice. But it kinda screws up the alignment.

But my question would be how does OSU stay in if WSU leaves?
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