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Enable Peeking
By default leaning is disabled, thus you’ll have to be compelled to change it if you wish to lean.

Open the in-game settings. seek for Peek and click on change. Leaning is mechanically assigned to Q and E.

Basic Setting

Graphics Settings for Tencent Emulator

The game’s performance on the Graphics details can vary betting on your computer’s specifications. Most mid-end to high-end PCs ought to don't have any problems running on HD or HDR graphics, whereas low-end PCs like laptops with integrated graphics cards ought to select sleek or Balanced.

Frame Rate may also be adjusted here. Generally, Extreme is that the best choice will} give 60FPS if your laptop can support it. If it’s not out there to you, then select a future highest setting (Ultra, High, etc.). Currently, the independent agency is capped at sixty and is presently unimaginable to travel any higher.

You can regulate vogue for more effects. Classic vogue can have the simplest performance, whereas Realistic can provide the foremost details.

Anti-aliasing can build the textures within the game look a lot of sleek. this is often disabled by default. If you change anti-aliasing and see graphical problems, then strive to disable this initial.

Once you’re finished adjusting the graphics, click on OK at rock bottom of the screen.

Sensitivity Settings for Tencent Gaming Buddy

To adjust mouse sensitivity and camera views, you’ll have to be compelled to regulate the in-game sensitivity controls.

Camera Sensitivity (free look) can management free look speed (Alt + Mouse Movement) in TPP and FPP modes.

You can regulate sensitivity levels for all the assorted scopes and camera views which can impact your mouse movement.

Ignore gyro controls as this is often for mobile devices solely.

That should be it for ever-changing the most settings on Tencent vice sidekick. Everything else within the game’s settings is modified to your own preference.
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