Metro playoff comments

Postby insidejob on Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:52 pm

Went to semis in Hec Ed
Hats off to WS coach Keffrey and players,
Built a 9 pt lead and even led in 4th vs Hale,
Nate Pryor played brilliantly and is better
Than SU, hope he finds loophole to
Move beyond that, and I am last one
To promote jumping but I love his game
And think he'd do well at higher level.
Just think he signed too early.

Hale, when pushed against wall like
Garfield game, had to post MP or
Might've lost had Roy not gone old school.
It's interesting they won't do this earlier in games.
I had pointed their reluctance to plant him in paint
And go hi-lo all year.

MP had 42, and after PJ drained 3 treys
In the 1q he stopped scoring. Jontay chipped
In his share but I never saw a box score, and
I am not so certain only 3 raiders scored. I
Do know Holland, Crosby and Brown did not
Take 10 shots between them and looked out
Of it bc ball was not being shared.

Garfield - RB game is on YT. It was a classic
Seesaw that saw the dogs stymied by RBs
2-3 zone then resort to 94' pressure to get
Back into game.... J Nowell played hard and well,
While Brooks drilled many timely 15 footers!
Kevin Porter shined once again for RB.

On another note, preseason #3 ODEA (ranked
Absurdly ahead of Hale in the Times poll) lost
To Ballard, 1-14 in Metro, at Odea ... that has
To be one of biggest upsets ever in Metro.
Kudos to coach Mike Broom for having his guys

I didn't go but that spunky WS team got RB last
Night, WS is the best "team" team by far in Metro.
Keffrey will get COY bc Nate elevates all his teammates
To play unselfishly.

Over and out!
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Re: Metro playoff comments

Postby crankyoldman on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:10 pm

Keffrey did get coach of the year. The all metro selections are on leftcoastrecruiting Twitter.
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Re: Metro playoff comments

Postby insidejob on Sat Feb 11, 2017 12:06 am

Went to Garfield gym tonight and saw two incredibly dramatic games ...

both winning teams trailed by DD in the last 5 minutes and BURIED buzzer
shots to win ...

Sealth led 58-48 with 4:52 off Elijah Jackson's dunk ... but CS only
managed one FT the rest of the way, and Simon Czyzewski, who
scored 32 off 7 treys, hit an icy 15' at the buzzer after Jackson split
a pair with 13 seconds, triggering Ballard fans to storm the court.

Evan Moe, CS's mobile 5 man, played his final game but I was
impressed with his effort, skill and character!

Franklin was up 11 with five minutes and fell victim to CJ Elleby's
fadeaway trey at the buzzer as Cleve nipped Franklin by 1 ... this game
was super spirited but not dirty.... CJ's heroics were doubly impressive
bc he'd had a dismal night from the arc prior to his walk off homer.

so now Mike Broom takes his team to MI tomorrow
and Cleve goes to prep while Franklin has to regroup
and head into a nasty RB hornet's nest coming off B2B

I heard that Broy kept MPorter in basically the entire game
and words were shouted from the Garfield bench to their legend.

Porter had 40 or so, and were up 49-16 at half, 40 after third,
and won by 32.

Also more Jerry Springer sh*t: cops had to step in at handshake
lines and at least one parent was making comments at Coach Haskins,
who took umbrage.

The ever classy Metro League!

Small things occupy small minds.

Garfield might not have ever been beaten worse in last 60 years,
someone go check for me :roll:

onto more hijinx in the greatest cheating league in the state!
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Re: Metro playoff comments

Postby crankyoldman on Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:28 am

Ballard just beat MI in districts. Good to see them have success after a tough regular season. It just goes to show how deep Metro is.
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