Manchester City and MU want to buy Ruben Neves

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City are planning to bring in a quality center midfielder in January 2019, coach Pep Guardiola needed a permanent replacement for David Silva, 32. Kevin de Bruyne's serious injury caused Pep to resolve to upgrade midfield.
Wolves sells Ruben Neves to Manchester United if it collects 100 million euros
Manchester City and MU want to buy Ruben Neves

City want to buy Ruben Neves of Wolves. The Portuguese star is an irreplaceable factor in the midfield of the English Premier League this season. The 21-year-old is a versatile midfielder, who assists in assault or defense.

Ruben Neves's impressive form helped Wolves return to the Premier League, the first season he also played very impressive. Man City plans to spend up to 70 million euros to buy players born in 1997 tin tuc the thao bong da anh moi nhat tu cac giai dau hang dau the gioi

In the latest happenings, MU is also interested in Portuguese players. Mourinho also wants to have a star wearing a Wolves shirt, the Reds also accept a large sum of money to compete with the Green Man in the deal.

According to the Daily Mail, the possibility of one of the two Manchester clubs to buy Ruben Neves success is quite high. Specifically, after a good time playing in Wolves he wanted to go out to find a better landing, through which to develop his career.
Wolves demanded 100 million euros for Ruben Neves
Wolves sells Ruben Neves to Manchester United or Manchester City if they earn 100 million euros, if the two Manchester clubs do not spend enough money they will not be able to get what they need.
Wolves sell Ruben Neves to Manchester United if they collect 100 million euros 2
Wolves sells Ruben Neves for € 100m

The Nuno Santo coach praised the Portuguese star for wanting to keep Wolves fit for the 21-year-old.

Molineux Stadium owners are also in favor of keeping the Bulldogs back, and they hope the £ 100m bid will leave the two sides of Manchester to retreat.
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