hs hoop state tournies

Postby insidejob on Sun Mar 03, 2019 9:23 am

Watched many games through NFS Network... MY observations.

RB is dead, you could see it coming all year. Bethea and staff didn't even want to be there for the lowly 3rd place game (in their eyes obviously) and got slaughtered, one kid quitting in mid-game and stomped into locker room. They were so thoroughly out coached in the semi vs Mt Spokane that they ended up in 3Ts and Bethea cursing a storm. MT. SPO then lost by 31 to ODEA.

Bethea hasn't won a title in 3 years now and with Banchero at ODEA chalk them for two more. He might be best big man ever in Metro. Hawes made state once and had a single title, PB will pass those marks.

EC is a power but will be bridesmaids to ODEA for 2 years. No one else in Metro is significant. Ingraham isn't coached well enough (again relying on transfers) and unless BROY comes back with out of state recruits, Garfield is still far from halcyon days.

The best team by far in state was GONZAGA PREP... ANTON WATSON 16/19 FGS played a near perfect game. So well coached, defensively and offensively superb. A pure joy watching them. Mt Si might be the 2nd best team in the state at any level and will be back.

Zillah earned another crown bashing King's Way in the 3rd qtr. Kings Way beat Kings at buzzer in semis in what was an amazing game. Lynden Christian was owned by KINGS the previous night in a stunner.

Lynden had a +20 lead vs Selah and it got to 50-45 in mid fourth but Elijah Pepper missed 2 shots and his lil bro Noah missed long bomb breakout all in a row, so they'd shot wad; could've theoretically taken lead. Lynx won by 9.

Lynden had beaten ODEA by 30 this year so they are definitely in top 5 teams in state, put them in any order you want behind G-Prep.

As the egregious Metro AD and the lame WIAA honcho both move along, we can only hope for the cheating to get cleaned up, but it won't. RB will scour the waivers and try to attract more undisciplined talent, but it won't matter, Bethea won't beat EC or ODEA... THEY'VE TAKEN his template for acquiring players and improved upon it.
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Re: hs hoop state tournies

Postby insidejob on Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:14 pm

Ironically, the second I post on this forum the bots come out and bury it ... why doesn't the TIMES delete them.... this forum is such a joke....

anyhooo.... BROY back at Garfield like my good source predicted .... he told me he sent the son of an x NBA player out to roam the USA with a bag of money to secure studs ... wait and see how this plays out.

Welcome Metro, BROY bent on beating ODEA and EC. TOWNHOUSES await borders.

Joke cubed.
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Re: hs hoop state tournies

Postby rockycola on Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:58 pm

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Re: hs hoop state tournies

Postby Michael K 2 on Wed Mar 27, 2019 11:52 am

Enjoyed the breakdown insidejob. Curious if you watched any of the State B Tourney? That Ravet kid from Kittitas looks like the real deal. He is also headed to Gonzaga, as well as the kid from Prep. Few just continues to re-load.
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