Wiped out at home

Postby masochist on Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:21 pm

So the Coug men lose by 41 (!) at home (!). Kent borrows a page from Leach at postgame and says the team "came out flat". CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THAT HAPPENS?!!! AT HOME?!!! Can anyone demonstrate any reason to me to show that Kent is moving this team in the right direction?
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Re: Wiped out at home

Postby D-Trains on Sun Jan 29, 2017 5:36 pm

Nice road win for the Cougs today.

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Re: Wiped out at home

Postby Michael K 2 on Mon Jan 30, 2017 12:58 pm

The Cougs would finish with a winning record in the Conference if they had Fultz. Romar is an absolute embarrassment. Give Ernie Kent the talent he has and the Cougs probably make the tournament. Give just about any Pac 12 Coach not named Romar the team he had last year and they certainly make the tourney.

Easy for me to say from the outside, but I think Ernie has done a hell of a job.
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Re: Wiped out at home

Postby calabcoug on Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:26 pm

I attended the Utah massacre. It was one of the most listless performances by a Coug team I had ever seen...and we are talking about decades of fandom...I saw the Raveling squads of Puidokis and Don Collins and Ehlo and suffered the Len Stevens swoon...enjoyed the Sampson teams and the 'okay' Eastman teams of Hendrickson. I gritted my teeth in agony in the dismal Graham years, and of course in the fun rise from Dick Bennett into Tony Bennett to prominence I enjoyed lock down defense. The faces on the fans in the Utah game were just incredulous. Numb...staring blankly at the mess spilling out on Friel Court. The band, god bless 'em were the only people actually rooting. We all just sat there stunned. It was clearly over after 5 minutes...stunningly poor play.

But then...a completely different team showed up against was night and day! Cougs battled hustled and managed to survive and win in OT after blowing an easy win. Kent has designed some pretty decent game plans and stolen games in league wherein he was outmatched from a talent standpoint. He really has very little to work with...probably 4 guys who would see minutes on any of the upper PAC teams.

I have no idea how he doesn't have a bevy of bombers. That was how he won at Oregon...his rotations always had at least 3 guys who could bury a trey. Nothing fancy about the D or offensive sets...just had guards and usually one big who could fill it up from outside. The three pointer cures a lot of ills for a hoop team that lacks athletes. How, after 3 years Kent doesn't have 2 or 3 guys who, whether than can D up or not, can bury a three...I don't understand at all.

But, they somehow played Arizona tough for 5/6 of the game and only fell apart late...mostly due to legs...Kent reduced his rotation to 7 guys for the most part in the past 6 games, and they do get weary late in contests. Flynn is a bright spot...but one seriously good recruit in 3 years is pretty lame. He has seniors this year, saving his bacon...Cougs lose Hawkinson, Clifford and Ike and Callison...and the bench isn't supplying a lot of future hope. At least if they had been getting whipped with 'project' guys who are developing, a fan could talk about what's coming up. Right now...that's just Flynn.

Nice win over Az St.-- 2 road wins in league...I would have bet you dollars to donuts...they wouldn't win a game in league after losing to New orleans at home. Just gotta scratch your seems like they are getting better...but unfortunately nearly all of them graduate.

Tough stretch coming- UCLA/USC, then road trip to Utah and Colorado... followed by Arizona... need those 3's to keeeeep dropping.
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Re: Wiped out at home

Postby Coug Tracks on Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:39 pm

Good news for next year is Flynn hopefully comes back unless he transfers. They also get Milan Acquaah in the lineup who on paper' was a better recruit than Flynn. Should be a good paring between Flynn and Acquaah.

Beyond those two there is a lot of unknown. They picked up a JC (Hinson) who can score at the JC level. He plays for a good JC as well in Tyler with multiple D1 guys including his 6-11 teammate (Cooper) who comes in as well. Right now those 2 guys are almost required starters.

They redshirted 25% of the roster, which is ridiculous. Chidom looks like he should score but is 'Cowgill thin'. Ergas can dunk at 6-3" sort of a Neil Derrick throwback at this point. I like Franks and Pollard but they haven't proven they are Pac 12 starters. Rotation guys at this point along with Daniels.

Not a high school recruit in the fall class. That's a recruiting failure in year 4. They have 3 to give in the spring and need to sign at least one talented high school forward that can grow with the rest of the roster. Historically spring hasn't resulted in improving the quality of a recruiting class especially with high school players. Flynn definitely close to the top of the list with Weaver, Akognon, and I believe John 'broken legs' Hodges was a spring signee.

I wasn't a fan of the Ernie hire. I knew he would struggle to recruit with his off-court 'stuff', multiple years out of coaching, and age. Pullman is a challenge without all that baggage. He desperately needs experience. Year 1 he turned around Kernich-Drew giving him enough shooting to become dangerous. Railey played a lot better as well. Last year was dismal and this year was dismal until conference again. We have at least shown a pulse in some games.

Nothing is changing any time soon so we have to hope he can knock a couple recruits out of the park in the spring. We just need to see hope and people will start to come out again even if they aren't as competitive next year because they are so young.
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Re: Wiped out at home

Postby masochist on Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:07 am

So the Cougs lose by 31 to a team not much over .500, and in the process commit 24 ERRORS. I have no right to fault the effort put forth by the players on the floor; I'm sure they wanted badly to win and tried hard. But they looked like a JV squad. Don't tell me Kent has made progress with this program. How many years left on his contract? One more is too many.
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