Biggest Bike Transport Mistakes That One Should Avoid

Postby Sandeeprims on Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:45 am

You just got a new job and don’t know how to shift your bike? Or you’re going for a motor show and you want to display your luxury bike. There are many scenarios where you might need to shift your car. But the biggest question arises “Who will do it?” You can’t just drive it thousands of kilometers, but thankfully there’s a solution to that. You can of course hire a moving company. But you just can’t hand over your biggest investment to any random moving company. People often make mistakes while hiring bike shifting companies. Over the years we have been actively researching markets and have accumulated data from Top Bike Carriers in Chandigarh about the mistakes that people often make. So here’s a handy list to educate consumers looking for Bike Transportation Chandigarh.

Going after low prices
It’s totally okay to hire a moving company that’s within your budget and is affordable. But running after a company which pitches an unbelievably low rate than the existing service providers is complete foolishness. Such service providers are frauds who try to lure customers and will go any length to get your business. But at last what you’ll get is disappointment as such companies charge you an unexpected higher amount on pretext of additional charges. So it’s better to go with best Bike Carriers in Chandigarh after checking all their credentials.

Guarantees a pickup next day
If a bike moving company guarantees a pick up date next day without asking for extra charge then it’s for sure that it’s a fake company. A reliable vehicle transport company would always provide a pickup date that’s at least a week away. But there’s no way that anyone can know what the exact pickup and drop off date will be at the time of placing an order. Be extra cautious if that date is nearby - the shorter the notice period, the lesser are the chances of order being fulfilled.

Not checking ratings & reviews
It’s very important to check reviews and rating as these are proper indicators of the performance by the company. It’s equally important to avoid fake reviews. Hire a company which replies to its negative reviews and has substantial positive reviews of its customers. A bike shifting company with less or no reviews probably hasn’t been in business long and might be able to provide top-notch service.

Not taking note of damage on delivery
Transportation is a complicated process which involves a lot of cumbersome tasks. Due to such complications accidents might occur. But to make sure that you are covered companies provide insurance facilities. So at the time of bike delivery to make sure you are protected, it is very important to take a note of any existing damage at the point of pickup and then mark any new damage at the time of delivery. A properly signed report of delivery will make the insurance claim process much smoother.

Now that you know how to choose companies providing Bike Transportation Chandigarh hire a reliable moving company and enjoy your move.
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