Step by step setup Nighthawk Wireless Extender

Postby nicolesmithus on Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:53 am

1. Switch on your extender by connecting it to the power supply.
2. Place the Nighthawk extender near to the Wi-Fi router.
3. Plug the extender into the electrical socket.
4. Wait for some seconds till the power light on it turns green. If you find no power light on the device, then press the power button from the rear of the extender.
5. Connect your extender to the computer or smartphone using wireless or Ethernet device.
With Wi-Fi: From your Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or laptop, open connection manager and connect to the Network with name Netgear_Ext. You will find this network name in the list of networks.
Once the extender gets connected to the Wi-Fi enabled computer or device, a client LED will turn white.
With Ethernet: If you want to connect your computer to the extender with Ethernet, then connect one end of this cable to the extender and another end to the computer.
6. Open a web browser like Chrome or Firefox on your computer and type
7. You will find a Netgear installation page on the screen.
8. Follow on-screen instructions to connect your Netgear extender to the Wi-Fi network.
9. Now, change the place of your extender from the current position. Place it exactly in the midway between the router and the blackspot area.
10. You must ensure that the area where you have placed your extender must be capable of receiving a signal from your router. You can select the right area with the help of status LED engrossed on the extender. If the status LED turns white, then it means the area is getting sufficient signal from the router.
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Re: Step by step setup Nighthawk Wireless Extender

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