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business card design

Postby blueoceanweb on Wed Apr 24, 2019 1:06 am

Business card design is an unreachable thing for many people. You have to understand different design concepts, as well as complex design software, which is deterrent. At this time, you want to hire a professional graphic designer to design the business card for your, but you have to pay a design fee.

JoinDesign can help you solve these problems, let you design your own card that represents your own or company image.

What is JoinDesign?
JoinDesign is a free online design platform that offers different print design templates and a large amount of design material.

With drag and drop, you can add patterns to your chosen template, change colors and choose your favorite fonts to create your favorite designs.


How to design a business card
1. To design a card, first register and log in to the JoinDesign account.

2. Select "Commercial Card".

3. Choose a card template that matches your personality or company image.

4. Enter your personal and company profile and choose a font.

5. You can add beautiful pictures from our photo gallery or change the color of the template.

6. Click "Upload Picture" to upload the company logo and drag it to the appropriate location.

7. Click "Share" to invite friends or colleagues to edit the card by email.

8. Once the design is complete, you can download the card as a PNG or PDF file, or press "Publish" to upload to the social networking site.
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