Re: Who's not negotiating ?

Postby Moe Gibbs on Mon Jan 28, 2019 11:12 pm

The Ghost of Jack Cust wrote:good job Moe, you posted verbal diarrhea that yet again nobody will read. way to go, bud

Prove the key points in what I posted are wrong or else STFU Little Boy.

A cursory look at WHO have taken over the unlicensed Building Trades & Crafts [Sheetrockers, Roofers, Framers, Carpet & Flooring Layers, Masons, Concrete Workers, etc. will prove to even a dimwit like BoJack how pervasive the Illegal Alien Invasion has become. I wonder if BoJack realizes many of these crews are dispatched in unmarked vans at night to do their magic in housing developments?. Many of the crews of Illegals are run by Ex-Cons who were taught a trade while serving time in prison. They don't pay into our system like legitimate Contractors do and they of course pocket the difference..but I'll bet a single child Beta Male Wigger like BoJack [who has never driven a single nail his entire pathetic life] already knew that.... :lol:
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