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Postby HawkBowler on Thu Feb 07, 2019 6:46 pm

Mention Benghazi to a liberal and they automatically roll their eyes and want to change the subject. That's been investigated to death, they say. They found nothing, they say. They've taken on the Hillary mentality, "What difference does it make?"

I believe it came to light during Trump's SOTU when he said that had he not been elected president we would be at war with North Korea. The Democrats groaned in the chamber. The pundits bit on that the most trying to paint Trump as arrogant or ignorant.

One of the reasons Trump keeps beating the establishment and their media handmaids is that they all assume that they know more than him while also being smarter. Here we have a guy who beat the Bush family cabal, the Clinton cabal... and now he's on the final stages of putting down a coup attempt launched by the Obama administration. Dumb guys are not able to over come those monumental hurdles. Trump has the highest security clearance in the world. Why would anyone assume that they know more than him?

Benghazi is important because it shows just how unprepared and unqualified Hillary was to be president. The real scandal is not the repeated denial for security backup and the death of four Americans. The real scandal was why we were in Benghazi to begin with. We helped oust Khadafi. The next day ISIS flags were raised in Tripoli.

Hillary and Obama knew in real time what was happening. Reports from soldiers on call is that they were told to dress in US military fatigues and then civilian and then back again. Hillary kept changing her mind. They didn't know what to do. One could reason that if Trump and the very capable Pompeo were in charge, the action would have been swift and decisive. It wouldn't have mattered if there was enough time to get to the consulate. They would have gone in anyway to kill ISIS and retrieve our dead Americans.

This was a huge failing by Obama and Hillary... and it was only a month before the 2012 elections. So what do they do? They lie. They say that a protest got out of hand over a video tape making fun of Muhammad. Remember, again, they knew in real time that it was a terrorist attack. But they chose to lie about it for another two weeks. Obama even had AG Holder arrest the video tape maker just to add weight to their lies.

So picture Hillary in early 2017 with Kim Jong Un threatening to nuke Guam. Remember what several secret service agents have said about her volcanic temper behind the scenes. Remember how Obama told Trump that NK was his biggest problem by far when he first stepped into office. It's a really scary thought what might have happened under Hillary.

We know that Hillary is a hawk who voted for the Iraq war. When she heard Khadafi had been killed, she laughed and said, "We came we saw he's dead...hahaha" In a meeting about Julian Assange she pondered, "Can't we just drone him?" Hillary as the first woman president would want to show that she's just as tough as a man. She knows that military action boosts favoribility ratings every time. I think Trump is right... that Hillary would have taken military action that would have lead to a much wider conflict. Once the bombs start flying there's no telling from where and when they will stop.
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